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ArtistDirect.com.au is an online directory for Australian artists who want to showcase their creativity on a shoestring budget and also want to have an online presence.  

Why use ArtistDirect.com.au?

We come across many artists, who want a professional looking web page - without spending big bucks on a full custom website, and getting someone else to maintain it.

Artist Direct puts you in full control, to add, edit & change when and how you want!

Artists want something that is clean, concise, and ability to show off to their friends and contacts. Purely for the outcome of getting hired by businesses, professionals, and other hiring services.

Artist Direct lets you do this in a few easy steps.  And being a directory, we aim to become a central hub for people seeking these services so that artists can easily be contacted and hired.

Check out our great features:

  1. Easy to setup and use

  2. Affordable - only pay month to month

  3. No lock in contacts, cancel any time

  4. Your own dedicated web page that you can edit/update yourself

  5. Showcase your own Gallery Images & YouTube Video

  6. Song writers can also show off their creativity with audio samples
  7. Social media integration to help spread the word

  8. Provide contact details for people to contact you

  9. Google map integration so people can find your gallery or showroom
  10. Customer Ratings and Reviews - so they can rave about you

  11. Web presence, get found in Google

Listing on ArtistDirect.com.au is easy, you can start by clicking the Sign up tab above. 

Get started today and show off your creative to the world! 

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